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Merry CHRISTmas and Happy Holy Days, 2017


Dear Covenant partner,

As we are putting the final touches for our services on the end of the year 2016 & celebrating the Birth of our King! Our Lord and Savior and preparing to kick off the New Year in 2017, it is with great honor that we at COOL Ministries Inc. wish you all a very Merry CHRISTmas and Happy HOLYdays, 2017
It is our prayer that you will continue to stand in faith and believe with us, for more and more souls to be reached with The Message of His Good News. And how recovery from all forms of sin is possible through a complete surrender to Jesus Christ. It has been a glorious year and once again God has graced us with the ability to reach literally thousands of people and witnessed hundreds get saved and thousands more rededicate themselves to the Lord.  Homeless people have been helped to get off of the streets and into recovery. We have continued by the grace of God to network with all kinds of other agencies to meet the needs of people right where they are, up close and personal. Spending time with a mom whose son is facing time in prison or the family of a meth addict or a crack addict or an alcoholic who is still suffering in their addiction. We have seen heroin addicts completely delivered and alcoholics placed in their right mind. Our Lord Father God has been Building COOL Church and it has grown and thrived in the midst of all kinds of spiritual warfare and yet the Lord keeps showing up and showing out. In just a few days, Jan and I will celebrate 18 years of marriage and there have been major damage done to the kingdom of darkness, through our covenant of Love and for that I am eternally grateful and thankful.  I celebrated 23 years of sobriety this past April and she celebrated 22 years this past June. I have been out of prison now for 18 years and she’s been out over 20 years now. God is good, He is Faithful and Just and all we want to do is to Serve Him better. Thank you for partnering with us and I’ll never get tired of saying it …So much so, “With you, we’re reaching out, touching lives, doing our part, making a difference. We’re better with you, my friend. Thank you so much for your faithful contributions to propel and thrust us into 2017,  like never before. God bless you always!