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Charlie & Reba Muhlnickel

Jan 3, 2020 | Bio, C.O.O.L. Band | 0 comments

Charlie and Reba Muhlnickel, married 8/31/02, Saved over 30 years, residing in Katy, TX.

We have always been involved in Church and Outreach Ministry, Reba is a Worshipper; and Charlie coordinates and trains leaders in HELPS Ministry and Prison Ministry, since 1986!

As staff members of COOL Ministries, Inc., we love seeing the captives set free, we love going to the “societies outcasts” , the “throwaways”, the   “junk that Jesus recycles”, we truly are blessed to be in a real Matthew 25 ministry! Charlie has taken Dr. Louis Edwin Cole’s Legacy of Maximized Manhood to more than 800 men behind prison walls. Charlie & Reba wear many hats at COOL Ministries, Inc. and they are extremely faithful and anointed servants in the Kingdom of our God.

Charlie is on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn