C.O.O.L. Church

pastors jan & boyd harrell

C.O.O.L. Church was a nurturing Church for many years that embraced people right where they were and invited them to enter into a deeper, more meaningful, relationship with Jesus The Christ. With Dynamic Worship & Word Services which directly minister encouragement to come up higher in the Faith of God. Through prayer and obedience we apply the Word accurately to the individuals life in solving problems. C.O.O.L. Church was so powerful that some people have found it to be like a Trauma Center for the wounded soul. This was truly a place of love and healing and reconciliation.

Fallen Ministers of the Gospel have been restored, drug addicts and alcoholics have been completely delivered and set free, put back into their right minds. Marriages have become Born-Again. Homeless people have found drive to re-engage life and get off the streets. Ex-Offenders have been rejuvenated in an environment where they were accepted in the beloved to give Jesus the proper place  to build their life right.

Our Office phone number is: 713-592-0134